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Have you ever wondered why that is that when shares of a publicly-traded company fall, the company tends to fight back? Its CEO posts a tweet about a wonderful new idea that will be turned into reality in the near future, about the stunning quarterly results that they expect to report or about the wonderful culture that the company is proud of. Would such behaviour be exhibited if the company wouldn’t care about the stock price? Probably not. And yet, it is not really obvious why should they care. …


Thinking of taking a loan to start investing? Think twice...

I consider myself very fortunate. Really, if there is a highly unlikely event or a statistically improbable scenario which yields some sort of negative outcome, I am fortunate enough to pick the exact timing to be hit by that tide right away. I used to be afraid of diving. Not for the obvious reasons, though. I was not afraid of drowning due to running out of oxygen. I wasn't even afraid of being eaten by a shark or a jib - I heard they are quite friendly beasts unless you look like a seal or punch them in a nose…

Part 1: Workflows


CI/CD is a set of practices which have a significant impact on the way new releases are delivered and maintained. Change validation by creating a build and running automated tests, continuously releasing and delivering the changes to the customers in a sustainable are the practices which distinguish a well-maintained code from just … a code.

In this article, we’ll take a look at how you can easily create your very own CI/CD pipeline in just a few minutes using the newly opened [GitHub Actions]. We can make any workflow (which is a more GitHub-compatible way to put it) a part…


Deepin Desktop Environment on Fedora 30

Fedora 30 Custom Deepin Desktop Environment

As the community of the Deepin users grow, and it indeed grows quite rapidly, the deepin components and application are being integrated into other Linux distributions, such as, wait for it… Fedora 30!

With the release of Fedora 30 come new features and opportunities.

Fedora Workstation features GNOME 3.32 — the latest release of this popular desktop environment. GNOME 3.32 features an updated visual style, including the user interface, the icons, and the desktop itself. New to Fedora Server are Linux SystemRoles — a collection of roles and modules executed by Ansible to assist Linux admins in the configuration of…

About the GPL Cooperation Commitment

Chances are that if you are reading this article, you know what Open Source (OS) software and the whole mindset around it is. Open Source Initiative (OSI) has been around for about 20 years now. Yet it has been the last decade which steadily improved the position of Open Source thinking in today’s society. OS flourishes and fades along with communities involved and thrives on a simple yet powerful idea of collaboration. To me, being an open source developer and enthusiast, open source has played a major role in my life.

Make no mistake

It is not always…

Marek Cermak

Software Engineer, Investor and a student of Economy & Finance

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